NOTICE: Tignish Initiatives is now taking orders for 2017 Fishing Tags

Thank you to all fishers who have purchased tag sets from Tignish Initiatives in the past, we look forward to supplying your 2016 tag needs including same day replacement tags at our office.

Wishing everyone a safe and prosperous season!

Tignish Initiatives is  Tag supplier for the Canadian Gulf Region in the following fisheries:

Crab Rock LFA 23
Crab Rock LFA 24
Crab Rock LFA 25
Crab Rock LFA 26A
Crab Rock LFA 26B
Crab Toad 23
Crab Toad 24
Crab Toad 26A
Herring 16B Spring
Herring 16B Fall
Herring 16C/E Spring
Herring 16C/E Fall
Herring 16F Spring
Herring 16F Fall
Herring 16G Spring
Herring 16G Fall
Lobster LFA 23
Lobster LFA 24
Lobster LFA 25
Lobster LFA 26A
Lobster LFA 26B
Lobster LFA 27
Bait Herring/Mackerel
Smelt – Gillnet
Crab Snow 12
Crab Snow 18
Crab Snow 19
Crab Snow 25
Crab Snow 26

Click on the Order tab above to place your order. Tags are 40 cents each plus applicable taxes and shipping.
We look forward to continuing to serve the fishing community and hope to hear from you all soon!

If you have any questions, please call 902-882-2230 or use the Contact Form.

Thank you for visiting.

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